Runners Barebacking

January 17, 2014 - Reading time: 4 minutes









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Jake Jammer and Jacob Durham finish up a long run. Both studs are sweaty and beat. Jake asks Jacob for a shoulder rub and he happily obliges. Jake takes his shirt off so Jacob can really dig in to his muscles. Jacob gets excited and the two jocks kiss. His shirt comes off as well, and Jake sucks his thick cock, filling his mouth. They switch and Jacob blows Jake’s long dick, deep throating it to the base. Jake moans in ecstasy as Jacob gives him the blow job of his life. Jacob is ready to get fucked bareback and climbs on top of Jake’s raw cock. Jake plugs Jacob’s hole with ease and fucks him bareback. Jacob lays on his stomach and Jake maneuvers his raw pecker into the warm manhole. Jake dominates Jacob and slams his scruffy raw hole. They spoon-fuck before Jake pile-drives his cock bareback into Jacob. Jake Jammer pulls out and spews cum all over Jacob’s hairy ass. Jacob Durham gives Jake a wet facial and the they kiss.

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